This page is a gateway to images of medicinal plants. To begin with I have started with a gallery of the plants found in Western Herbs in Chinese Medicine: Methodology & Materia Medica. Over time this will broaden to cover families and genera of medicinal plants and various other categories.

Most of the non-photographic art work is sourced from, which is the best botanical image site out there drawing from hundreds of sources it brings the world of botanical illustration together on one site. All these images are out of copyright and completely free to share.

Unless otherwise noted, photographs are the property of Thomas Avery Garran. If you want to use any photos from this site, please contact us at for information.

Please note: I have thousands of photographs, but limited time. This page will be regularly updated with new images. Please be sure to check back regularly.

To access a gallery, simply click on the link! Enjoy!

Western Herbs in Chinese Medicine: Methodology & Materia Medica